What is the focus of a good CNC system?

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In this type of equipment, under the premise of satisfying the cutting process requirements, the focus of the system's pursuit should be:
1. The NC cutting work environment is poor, with large dust, large temperature changes, and vibrations during equipment operation. The reliability of the system is a top priority.
2. The hardware and software performance can well meet the various process requirements for cutting.
3. The pattern input is simple, the on-site operation performance is good, accord with China's national conditions, and the on-site operator is easy to operate and maintain.
4. Better operational convenience. For example, above the torch, there are various necessary movement alignment and control key operations.
In addition, the weight of the device itself can often increase the rigidity of the device, which can increase the cutting feed and cutting quality of the device. For example, heavy-duty gantry milling machines have higher machining efficiency and processing quality than light gantry milling machines.
But the CNC flame cutting machine is not the same. Whether CNC flame cutting or plasma cutting, the equipment is just moving with a torch, without any cutting resistance like other machining equipment. Therefore, such equipment only needs to consider its own rigidity and cannot be measured in the same way as other machining equipment.
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