Smart Manufacturing Equipment Industry Accelerates Access to Manufacturing

China issued the "12th Five-year Development Plan for the Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry" to promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, upgrade and transform traditional manufacturing industries, improve the level of automation and intelligence in China's manufacturing industry and equipment, and realize China's manufacturing power. It is of great significance to transform manufacturing into a strong country and improve the overall competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.

So far, the information technology revolution has mainly manifested itself in the substitution of mental labor. In the future, technological advances such as artificial intelligence will further liberate human physical labor in the fields of manufacturing, agriculture, and circulation, and gradually realize the overall intelligence of the national economic system. Take the robot industry as an example. According to the prediction of the International Robot Industry Federation, China will become the world's largest industrial robot market in the near future. However, it is worth noting that at present, foreign robot brands account for 90% of China's domestic market. Germany, the United States, Japan, and other countries still occupy an international commanding height in the field of informatization and manufacturing digitalization.

China's wisdom to achieve the four major goals With the international financial crisis, the United States, Europe and other developed countries have been hit to varying degrees, the international pattern of manufacturing has also undergone great changes. It has become the most important task before us that how to take “accidents” to “take the opportunity” to make profits and eliminate disadvantages, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in China, and change from “made in China” to “made in China” as soon as possible.

The first is the rapid growth of industrial scale. The industrial sales revenue exceeds 1 trillion yuan, the average annual growth rate exceeds 25%, and the industrial added value rate reaches 35%. The localized intelligent manufacturing equipment meets the needs of the key areas of the national economy, and the domestic market share exceeds 30%.

Second, breakthroughs have been made in key areas. The smart devices represented by sensors, automatic control systems, industrial robots, servos and actuators have achieved breakthroughs and reached the international advanced level. The integration of major equipment and production line systems has greatly improved.

The third is the optimization and upgrading of the organizational structure. Cultivate a number of large-scale enterprise groups with international competitiveness, create a group of specialized enterprises that are “professional, refined, special, and new” and build a group of industrial agglomerations with distinctive features and prominent advantages.

Fourth, the ability to innovate has significantly improved. Basically completed and perfected industrial innovation system combined with production, study and research, the research and development funds of key enterprises accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue. Cultivate a large number of knowledge-complex and international leaders.

Looking to the Future One of the most important transformations in manufacturing today is the replacement of “smart manufacturing” with “automated manufacturing.” Intelligent industrial robots can correct mistakes and even perform process improvement and process optimization on their own, without care and debugging. The "intelligent" trend of manufacturing has far-reaching significance for the global manufacturing landscape in the future: The necessity of factories located in relatively low-cost countries and regions will gradually weaken, and the "design" stage in the early stage of production becomes a key factor in determining market competitiveness. .
The data shows that the current industry scale of smart equipment is about 300 billion yuan, the market is mostly monopolized by foreign manufacturers, the market share of domestic manufacturers is low, intelligent instrumentation and control systems are 10%, industrial robots and special equipment are 20%, and mid-range CNC 20% for machine tools and 1% for high-end CNC machines.

As we all know, the current development of high-end food machinery will become the focus of the industry development in the next phase, while China's high-end food machinery companies in the existing technical level, and foreign companies still have a big gap, most of China's technology innovation capability is not Strong, most of the major core technology sources rely on foreign countries, so they are also subject to people on the road to development. Future development needs to work hard.

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