Sprinkler pump and sprinkler operating points

When buying a sprinkler, you must be familiar with how to operate the sprinkler. It is very important to operate the sprinkler correctly. Car users must use the operating instructions before use.

1, to give Sprinkler pump plus diversion

Before the water pump of the sprinkler pumps absorbs water, the pump must be sufficiently diverted, otherwise Sprinkler pump does not work properly. When the sprinkler pump is used for the first time, it needs to be diverted, and it is not necessary to divert water afterwards.

2, PTO must be stopped

Before the sprinkler is watering or before the water is sucked, the power take-off must be in the parked state.

3. When water is sucked, the degree of vacuum in the inlet pipe must be ensured and no air leakage can occur.

4, winter water

The weather is cold in winter. When the sprinkler is not in use, it must be vented and The sprinkler pump stores water to prevent freezing Sprinkler pump.

5, regular sewage

Sprinkler tanks are provided with a drain pipe, which is the lowest point of the tank. After using the sprinkler for a period of time, the drain should be periodically opened to drain until the water is clear.

6. When the sprinkler is in use, the engine assembly and other lubrication points must be regularly replaced with oil, and the fastening points are often tightened.

7, the requirements of water

When the sprinkler uses the river ditch and pond as the water source, pay attention to the suction pipe to be completely immersed in the water and cannot leak. It is forbidden to remove the filter device when absorbing water, and it is necessary to avoid inhalation of sediment, stones, and drift debris. Clean the sprinkler nets regularly.

8. Sprinkler Precautions The front sprayer of the sprinkler is located at a lower position and close to the ground. The spray pressure is relatively large and can be used for flushing the road surface. The position of the rear nozzle is relatively high (the sprinkler head is generally installed on the left and right sides respectively), and the sprinkler surface is wide. When spraying water on highway construction, the front nozzle should be closed when the rear nozzle is used, and the width of the water can be adjusted as needed when using the adjustable nozzle. The wider the sprinkler width, the less the amount of intermediate overlap and the more uniform the sprinkler density.
Summing up above, The water pump in the sprinkler must have water diversion. The water source of the sprinkler must be clean. Winter The water in the sprinkler pump and the tank must be kept clean, and tightening and lubrication are necessary.

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