Automotive paint maintenance method introduction

In general, the quality of car paint maintenance determines the first impression of the car, so people attach great importance to the maintenance of car paint, this article will give you a brief introduction to car paint maintenance methods, hope Can help everyone.

As people pay more and more attention to car maintenance, more people begin to understand the knowledge of car maintenance, especially car paint maintenance is most concerned about the owners, then what are the ways car paint maintenance? Let's look at it together.


As one of the most traditional paint maintenance methods on the market, waxing is favored by many owners, and the effect is obvious, the price is cheap, the owner can also fill the small scratches on the paint surface by waxing, to restore the gloss of the paint surface. Increase the brightness of the paint. In addition, what the owner needs to know is that the protective effect of the car wax is generally about one and a half months.

Sealing glaze

Sealing glaze is more reliable than waxing maintenance. Its practicability and advancement are also guaranteed. Compared with waxing and dissolving in water, the biggest feature of sealing glaze is that after use, not only is the paint more bright, but also Its non-stick surface makes the car paint smoother and cleaner. It can provide long-term protection for automotive paint. However, in general, the sealing effect begins to fade after 4 months to 5 months, and it is easily oxidized and damages car paint. The owner needs to pay attention.


Compared with waxing and sealing, the coating is regarded as a relatively high-grade automotive paint maintenance method. After the coating, a protective film is formed on the paint. The most important feature of this protective film is that it is easy to contain grease and so on. Oxygenated substances, instead of the use of environmentally friendly materials such as fluorine high-frequency molecules, silicon polymers, and glass cellulose, have completely overcome the deficiencies of previous paint protection products that are prone to oxidation. After the coating technology treatment, the apparent brightness of the car's appearance is significantly improved, and its protection and cosmetic effects are unmatched by waxing and sealing.

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