Research and analysis of micro hydraulic station

The main circuit principle of the micro hydraulic station: the original medium frequency induction heating power supply with the display PLC controller, without the display PLC controller. To actually use the power supply, you must first enter the various operating parameters and then turn it on. When a variety of products need induction heating in the work, it is often necessary to constantly change the input working parameters, the workload is relatively large, and it is prone to the case that the workpiece is overheated or the heating is insufficient due to parameter input errors. On the original medium frequency induction heating power supply, the PLC controller with display is added, and the internal circuit is modified. Now, with the PLC controller with display, it is easy to set up 13 sets of operating parameters and store them. In the actual use process, the required parameters are called up according to the specific situation to work.
The working principle of the micro hydraulic station: the hydraulic system schematic diagram starts the motor work. Through the oil filter, the axial piston pump integrated machine draws the hydraulic oil inside the oil tank into the axial piston pump. Under the action of the axial piston pump, the hydraulic oil enters the high pressure chamber to form high pressure hydraulic oil. By manually switching the valve, the high-pressure hydraulic oil enters the high-pressure oil pipe, and passes through the shaft connecting pipe thread and the motor shaft extends the oil hole into the annular oil groove, generating a strong expansion pressure. Under the action of the pressure, the pinion gear that is in interference with the shaft-cone surface of the motor 1 slides along the tapered surface, thereby completing the disassembly process. In order to detect the hydraulic pressure and protect the plunger pump, a cross four-way joint is installed at the high pressure oil outlet of the plunger pump, and the hydraulic pressure gauge and the relief valve are respectively connected. The overload protection pressure of the relief valve is set to 31.5 MPa.

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