The slave station in the CNC system hardware is located in an external device such as a servo spindle.

The function block diagram programming method of IEC61131-3 provides a graphical programming function, which graphically represents the input and output of the function block and the link relationship with other modules, and can directly form the structural diagram of the system. Using the function block diagram programming method of IEC61131-3, the function can be divided and enclosed in the function block, and the system is formed by clear link relationship, and the replacement, addition and removal of the module are also facilitated, so that the numerical control system software becomes reconfigurable. Open system.

61131-3 CNC system function and software structure. The software system consists of two major software processing tasks, one of which is the main control data stream, which starts with the decoder and converts the NC machining program into the control action of the machine tool. Another task is system operation and operation control, providing man-machine interface, system data management and operation functions, using operation command structure o, system information interface i, parameter interface p, display information interface d. field bus drive in numerical control system The module is a core module that combines the IEC61131-3 standard, EtherCAT and SERCOS.

The fieldbus drive module exchanges data with the machine tool drive matching module, PLC control module and various interfaces in the CNC system, and controls the feed servo, spindle, digital IO, sensor and other external devices through the field bus. The fieldbus drive module implements control functions by communication between the fieldbus master and the slave. The main station is located in the hardware of the CNC system, and the slave station is located in an external device such as a servo spindle. The fieldbus driver module has three main functions: 1) Establish and maintain communication between the Controller and the controlled unit according to system configuration parameters. 2) Send cycle control commands to the controlled unit and monitor their return status. 3) Acyclically write and read communication and servo parameters to the controlled unit.


Mechanical Diaphragm Dosing Pump(diaphragm injection pump)

*Changeable eccentric drive, no leakage with security delivery

*The pump can be used to deliver the solution which is high-viscosity, corrosive and dangerous

*Diaphragm rupture detection system, double diaphragm, is optional 

*Various pump head material (PVC, PVDF, SS304,SS306 ETC.) to meet different solution needs

*Easily installation, simple operation and convenience maintenance, ready to use for customer                                                                                                                                    

*High measurement precisions, capacity can be adjusted from 0 to 100 percent during operation                                                                                                                                   

*Strong anti-corrosiveness, used for quite range of chemical                                              

*Economical and practical                                                                                           

*Durable diaphragm: mechnical actuated diaphragm, leakage free                                                  

* Rugged construction designed which allowed pump to provide safe services  at severe operaton condition                        

Water Plant Mechanical Diaphragm Dosing Pump

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