Talking about DOS Mode Control of CNC Machine Tools

The operating system of a wire cutting machine is a DOS system. The CAD function of the DOS operating system is simple, the operation is complicated, the operator is required to be high, and the complicated curved surface parts cannot be processed. The external data exchange can only be through the floppy disk drive, and the identification file format is single. Conducive to the promotion and expansion of processing, and the operation is more difficult, limiting the improvement of work efficiency.

To build a two-way communication bridge between operators and machines, upgrade the DOS system to Windows 98. Windows98 is a DOS-based graphical interface operating system. It not only has the real-time transmission characteristics of the DOS system, but also has a friendly interface and simplifies the user's operation steps.

In addition, it also has an open architecture and data interaction functions. The CNC system developed on its platform not only has good openness, maintainability, scalability, but also supports multi-tasking, multi-type file recognition and computer utilization. The function of the programming file.

After adopting the Windows98 operating system, the hardware structure of the CNC system is basically unchanged, but the DOS mode of Windows98 is utilized for machine control. The use of the Windows 98 operating system not only solves the problems of the new version of CAD software usage and document management, but also implements control in DOS mode, and the higher version of the Win-dows operating system does not have this feature.


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