Shenyang machine tool core technology creates new world precision

At the 2014 China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition held in the past, Shenyang Machine Tool was launched with the i5 series of i5 series intelligent machine tools, which caused great concern in the industry.

After 5 years, the accumulated investment in research and development was 1.15 billion yuan. The research and development team of Shenyang Machine Tool i5 CNC system successfully solved the core underlying technology of motion control technology such as CNC motion control technology, digital servo drive technology and real-time digital bus technology, and completely broke through and mastered. The underlying technology of motion control, and in 2012, the world's first i5 CNC system with network intelligence was born. The system's error compensation technology is leading, the control precision reaches nanometer level, and the product precision is the highest level of world precision.

On July 6, 2012, Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) announced that the i5 CNC system was successfully developed. “Five years ago, I took a young team and developed the core technology with independent technology. By 2012, I finally developed a smart technology control system based on the Internet. From the perspective of intelligence, the machine tool directly communicated with the Internet. Connection, its operation no longer needs programming, even users who do not understand the engineering language can operate the machine within half an hour.” Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool, once said: “I have been dealing with machine tools for decades, now It is close to the true meaning of machine tool manufacturing."

I5 refers to the effective integration of industrialization, informationization, networking, intelligence, and integration. “The CNC system is the 'brain' and 'heart' of CNC machine tools. The birth of the i5 CNC system makes the core components of 'Made in China' no longer dependent on the control and monopoly of foreign manufacturers.” Guan Xiyou said, “When we have this core Technology, the development of intelligent integration, the i5 operating system, has formed a 'universal soil' for multi-field development."

Today, i5 series intelligent machine tools equipped with i5 system rely on the Internet to achieve intelligent correction, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent control and intelligent management. No matter where the user is, the machine can operate, manage, monitor, and transfer the processing information of the switch bed in real time.

Experts from the China Machine Tool Industry Association said that the advent of the i5 series of intelligent machine tools means that Shenyang machine tools have taken the lead in entering the threshold of intelligent machine tools in the industry, marking that China's industry has surpassed the technology of the world's opponents when the new industrial revolution arrives.

In addition, Guan Xiyou said in an interview that Shenyang Machine Tool is building an i5 cloud manufacturing platform. In the future, users want to produce anything without even purchasing their own machine tools, and can provide demand through the cloud manufacturing network. Through the industrial implementation of i5 intelligent system and intelligent machine tool, Shenyang Machine Tool will realize the transformation from intelligently applying CNC machine tools to intelligent machining units and intelligent application based on “cloud platform” and “WIS workshop management system”. At the same time, it extends to the fields of industrial automation and robotics, and finally realizes the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturers to industrial service providers.


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