How to choose the fireplace that suits you

How to choose the best fireplace for you?
First, we must first confirm that we need a real fire fireplace or an electric fireplace that simulates fire. The difference between the two is as follows:
1, the difference between ornamental: real fire fireplace is a real flame, full of dynamic, rotating, changing, is a three-dimensional perspective;
Simulated thermal fireplaces rely on the reflection of light to generate a two-dimensional plane flame, with simulated fire, the effect is realistic but not a real flame.
2. Temperature difference: The heat source of the real fireplace is the heat generated by the flame when the fuel is burned, and the heat source of the artificial fireplace is the heat generated by the lower or upper fan. This is a big difference. The power of the wood burning fireplace is generally About 6kw-25kw, the gas fire fireplace power is generally about 6kw-15kw, simulation electric fireplace power is generally about 0.75kw-1.5kw. The resulting heating area is also very different. True fire fireplaces can heat around 50-160 square meters, and the simulated thermal power fireplaces are basically around 15 square meters.
3. Differences in installation and operation: The wood-fired fireplace requires an independent flue to facilitate the emission of flue gas. The addition of wood fuel, ignition, and slag removal of the wood-fired fireplace require manual processing, but the wood-burning fire Fireplaces are popular with European and American users for their beauty, authenticity and higher calorific value of fire. Gas fire fireplaces also need independent flue gas supply. Gas fire fireplaces use artificial wood and simulated pebbles. The effect is almost the same as that of a real-fire fireplace. The gas fire fireplace does not need to add wood and clean up waste. The ignition uses a power switch to fully automatic pulse ignition.
Second, the real role of fire fireplace 1, can increase the taste of life, people can use real fire fireplace baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and so on.
2. It can achieve Feng Shui balance and realize the perfect realm of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.
3, can improve the quality of decoration, any decoration style should have a bright spot, the fireplace can often play a finishing touch, highlight the owner's noble identity and outstanding aesthetic vision.
4. The fireplace is an indispensable element in European style.
Third, choose the other factors of the fireplace 1, according to the shape, such as embedded or stand-alone installation.
2. Choose a fireplace according to the decoration style.
3. Choose a traditional fireplace or a custom fireplace depending on the living environment.
4. According to the trend of the fireplace market, etc.

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