How can the lighting terminal help the promotion?

Foreword: When visiting the market terminal, I often find the same promotion. The final promotion effect of different dealers in the same level of the city is completely different. In-depth understanding knows that a lighting dealer is good at taking advantage of the activities during the event, and marketing is a highly intelligent business strategy. The aim is to obtain greater benefits with less investment. The basic principle of application is to be small and big, to win less, to weaken and win, to soften. However, in order to be skillful and skillful, it is necessary to grasp the object, timing, depth and heat of the borrowing. If the design of the scheme is not well-considered and the operation method is not appropriate, it may not achieve the desired effect, and even cause a negative effect to hurt itself. Below, the author combines his own experience to share how to take advantage of the promotion activities.
The first form: the use of the trend of the store to this type of potential is more suitable for cities with more stores, and the main sales channels are the market with the store as the core. If the city sales channels are mainly self-operated stores, it is not suitable. This form. Generally, large-scale shopping malls in large-scale holidays will do a lot of advertising, especially in the case of a sluggish market environment, the situation of the store is also very embarrassing, and it is impossible to move a certain brand to withdraw the cabinet, so that the overall image of a withdrawal store is damaged. Other brands will follow suit, especially those that have not been very optimistic about the profit situation. It will be more important to encounter such a situation. Therefore, the store holiday promotion advertising began to appear in the streets of the city, there are many brands in order to seize the holiday gold sales opportunities, have invested a lot of promotional advertising, consumers can see a variety of promotional ads everywhere, know When will there be a large-scale promotion? As a brand with better observation, this time should stop the corresponding advertising investment, because the advertising investment of the store tells consumers when the promotion will be held, the advertising of the competitive brand tells the consumers that they will have a discount, if it is the corresponding Consumers with demand for goods will surely rush to the mall to learn about the relevant promotional information during the specified promotion time, and purchase the goods they have. Then, when the promotion is implemented, we must be good at grasping the atmosphere of the store. Many dealers see that the store and the competitive brands are advertising in a large area. They start to panic and follow a lot of advertisements. Finally, they invest a lot and the output does not reach. The ideal goal. The reason is that there are too many advertisements on the eve of the holiday. If you put in ads that are similar to the competition brands, or where there are no special highlights, consumers are easily overwhelmed by advertisements. Advertising from stores and advertising from competing brands have already brought intent consumers to the store. Therefore, it is important to focus on the promotion of the terminal store, using all promotional materials and props to arrange the special sale of the brand inside and outside the store. If you can make the consumers feel that all the brands are expensive. The promotion atmosphere and the promotion effect are definitely out of point.
The second form: the potential of competing brands in our regional market will continue to have new brands, there are also many active marketing activities of competitive brands, such as store celebration, new store opening, old store re-opening, etc. Class activities, it is impossible to let the competitive brand a brand singing to steal customers. At this time, competitive brands generally put in corresponding advertisements for publicity. Customers will pay attention to their promotion information and will also pay attention to the promotion information of related brands. Therefore, it is necessary to make corresponding promotion activities for the promotion information of competitive brands. There are corresponding promotional themes, such as old customer feedback, to give back to the old customers as the theme, invite some customers who may be introduced, the invited customers are best to buy goods many years ago, because the product innovation is more, there is no comparability, old Customers will not complain about prices and products, and will be interested in the innovative features of new products, which will easily create a second sale, while attracting many prospective customers under the premise of large-scale promotions by competitive brands. Come to pay attention. In this case, if the person who can make your brand store is unblocked, it will attract more customers' attention from the competitive brand promotion activities. If the promotion is reasonable, the preferential plan is better than the competitive brand, and the advertising cost of the competitive brand investment. The consumers who are recruited will be wiped out. In order to achieve the purpose of selling your brand by the potential of competitive brand promotion activities.
The third form: the use of third-party potential like this kind of borrowing is actually there are many kinds (such as some large-scale exhibitions, large-scale housing fairs, construction fairs, publicity activities with greater publicity, real estate opening , associated brand promotion activities, etc.). With the increasingly complex market environment, as the wine is not afraid of the age of the alley, many strong companies and government agencies have begun to advertise, such as the above activities, the advertising campaign is generally very Vigorously, the concentration of customers brought about is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the atmosphere of the scenes of these activities, and transfer the proportion of the advertisements of the previous promotion activities to the terminal arrangement of these activities, so that the entire exhibition The momentum completely overwhelmed any brand on the scene, I believe that it can do this, and it has a good promotion effect on the brand and sales.
As the real estate market becomes more and more bad, the industry associated with real estate has become very bleak. In order to survive, there will be many brands that will make the last fight. There are also stores to encourage the morale of each brand to invest in the corresponding advertisements, and take the initiative to lead the promotion. Of course, as a lighting brand that wants to continue to achieve brilliant results in 2012, we must grasp such opportunities and use other people's forces to transform into their own forces. The corresponding investment costs will be much less, and the cost will be reduced. Market sales do not increase, and the viability of your brand is stronger than others. In order to maintain a tenacious viability in the harsh market environment, it is necessary to analyze clearly in the process of taking advantage of the situation, and to use the clever use of different market environments and different borrowing scenarios to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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