Antimicrobial edible film enhances microbial meat

Incorporates the taste, freshness and colour seal applied to the food. Antimicrobial edible membranes can improve the microbial safety of meat, according to the findings of the Pennsylvania State University's Institute of Research. Using a membrane made of amylopectin, an edible, mostly odorless, transparent, fungal-made polymer, the researchers evaluated the effectiveness of a film containing essential oils derived from rosemary, a food-borne pathogen.
The results showed that bacterial pathogens were significantly inhibited by the use of antibacterial films, and it is hoped that this study will lead to the consumption of edible, antimicrobial films to meat and poultry applications, whether prior to packaging or, more likely, as part of the packaging process.

Researchers inoculated bacterial pathogens for fresh and prepared meat and poultry products by treating them with vacuum packaging, containing essential oils and nanoparticles, and then assessing the growth of bacteria for preservation under refrigeration for up to three weeks. The results of this study indicate that edible films improve the potential for refrigeration, safety of fresh or further processed meat and poultry products. The edible film is a novel but effective method of providing antibacterial meat because the killing effect of the bacteria is more permanent.

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