Visiting the "Heart" of New Energy Vehicles: Strong Power Needs Speed ​​Limiter

“This car uses an 80-amp-hour battery pack and has a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a cruising range of 200 kilometers. It can actually be opened faster, and it uses a speed limiter for safety reasons.” Told reporters before the factory. Zhang Yun said that, unlike ordinary lithium batteries, the dynamic polymer lithium-ion battery is characterized by its strong power and is suitable for various power equipments that require strong explosive power, and can instantly discharge up to 20 times of the rated capacity.

In 2010, new energy vehicles were hot across China, and the power lithium battery industry as the heart of new energy vehicles was fierce. Manufacturers were springing up. In the Hebei Julu, the hometown of Tang Dynasty's Wei Zheng and astronomers, the lithium battery industry is also "awesome." Sun Baoxiang, the county governor of the county, previously stated that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the county will focus on building new energy industries in the fields of new power batteries and energy storage batteries such as solar power and wind power, electric vehicles, smart grids, and military equipment. Clusters and industrial parks are expected to have a lithium battery production capacity of 2 million amp-hours per day by the end of 2015, with an annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan.

Hebei Shenzhou Judian is the production base of Yuanwang, Beijing. It was listed as an industrialized production base of the National Lithium-ion Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Torch Project in 2006. Its production technology is one of the “863 Torch Program” projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Zhang Yun said that the world’s first lithium battery was born in 1990, seeing the “upgrading” era. He believes that the current major bottlenecks in lithium battery applications are ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature environments, as well as fire and explosion resistance. This is also the key to the success of lithium batteries.

According to reports, the company has already established a production capacity of 50,000 ampere-hours per day large-capacity polymer lithium-ion batteries. The research and development battery can be used in an ultra-low temperature environment of -40C°, and has passed the bullet-proof fire detection specified by the national authoritative department. In the exhibition hall, the ultra-thin 500 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In the company's workshop, technicians said that the company's industrialized production of batteries with a single chip capacity of 500 amps is also a “giant” in the lithium battery industry.

Currently, Shenzhou Judian has established cooperation and development relationships with more than a dozen new energy automobile manufacturers in China and provided lithium battery power assemblies. Among them, two sets of batteries provided by a certain brand of SUVs in Hangzhou consume only 12 degrees of power in 100 kilometers, which saves at least 4/5 of the cost of use compared to gasoline vehicles of the same class. “In fact, most new energy vehicles are waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is not the battery that is submitted for approval individually. It is submitted as part of the overall approval.” Zhang Yun said.

In this regard, Zhang Yun is confident. The company's batteries have entered more and more bus electric buses, a variety of new energy vehicle manufacturers. The company's technology has passed almost all the authority certifications in the field of European CE, Un38.3 international aviation safety certification, and UL certification in the Americas. In the seven industry standards for the lithium battery industry that the country is currently developing, the company is also one of the core members of the three standard drafting committees.

Sun Baoxiang, head of Hebei Julu County, said in an interview that in the next five years, the county will closely follow the opportunity of the state's key support for the development of strategic emerging industries, plan lithium battery industrial parks, and build important new energy industry growth in the central and southern regions of Guizhou. pole. In addition to providing funds, land, and policy support, the county will also employ relevant experts from relevant national departments to participate in the formulation of relevant plans.

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