EU will expose low standard ship operators

The European Commission recently warned that from January 1 next year, the low-standard ship operators in EU ports will be exposed. The European Commission pointed out that all ship operators who visit the EU ports will be classified according to certain rules, and then be registered publicly. Operators will use the name of the company registered on the ship's international safety management certificate. For newly registered operators, indicators such as ship type, defects detected in the Paris memorandum area, and retention rate will also be included.

The PSC data will be collected by the Thetis database of the European Maritime Safety Authority. This new inspection system was established in accordance with the 2009 European Union Port State Control Act and provides data reports to legitimate demand parties and will replace the existing PSC systems in EU countries. After the new system is put into use, the European Commission hopes that while reducing the number of inspections by well-documented operators, the low standard ships will disappear from the EU waters. The European Commission said that the biggest challenge will come from Asia, especially those engaged in transport on the Black Sea. Although vessels can flexibly switch flag states, ship owners and operators, European Union officials believe that this new system will be airtight. Each ship has an IMO number and it is difficult for operators to conceal it. In addition, this public registration system will remain updated daily.

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