Shangchai Holding Technology Innovation Conference

At the beginning of October 2009, Shangchai Company held a technology innovation conference. The conference called on the technicians to actively participate in technological innovation, and to build on the company's strategic objectives, to build Shangchai's technical characteristics.

Wang Shouyuan, the technical director of Shangchai Company, first gave a speech entitled “Complete Solidification to Raise Efficiency” at the conference. He introduced the product layout plan for the next five years, and plans for the development of the process and manufacturing capabilities in the next five years, and the core technologies to be mastered in the future. Technology; made detailed explanations on the capacity building of the technology center in five aspects; Wang Shouyuan stated that the purpose of technological innovation is to give the team a new life and a new mission, while the new life and new mission will inspire new passion for the team and improve Work efficiency, but the improvement of efficiency will also bring about the power of continuous innovation.

Ji Liwei, Director of Product Development Center of Shanghai Diesel Engine Power Engineering Research Institute, Deputy Chief Engineer Ji Liwei, Director of Engineering Application Center of Power Engineering Research Institute, Deputy Chief Engineer Qiu Guoping, Director of Experimental Trial Center of Power Engineering Research Institute, and Zhang You, Deputy Chief Engineer of the company The keynote speech.

At the meeting, Xu Wenyan, Deputy Minister of Human Resources, introduced the construction plan of the employee career development channel in three parts. She said that the continuous and effective construction of career development channels for employees will inevitably promote the continuous improvement of employees' ability and quality and the company's core competence, and it will surely become a strong driving force for the development of enterprises and personal development.

The Congress awarded the Science and Technology Progress Award to employees who have achieved outstanding scientific and technological achievements.

Shi Yimeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shangchai Company, pointed out at the meeting that the career development of technical personnel should be multi-channel. Shangchai company should guide the majority of technical personnel to master modern scientific knowledge, continuously improve business capabilities, highlight their own technical expertise, and strive to become The backbone of technology has become a “disciplinary leader” in technological research and technological innovation, and has become a technical expert with extraordinary skills and ability to truly solve problems.

General Manager Xiong Weiming of Shangchai Company stated at the meeting that China’s auto industry is developing rapidly. It is necessary to seize the opportunity, study assiduously, lay a good foundation, and catch the rapid development of SAIC Motor. When talking about benchmarking, Xiong Weiming said that the technical system should always regard the benchmarking work as an important method, regardless of whether it is the development of new products, the optimization of old products, the modification of complementary products, the construction of capabilities, and the matching of existing products. The means to grasp, we must unremittingly grasp the benchmarking work. When talking about the process, Xiong Weiming stated that through several years of work, some development processes will be solidified and the methods will be determined. This is the current important task of the technical system; every employee of the technical system must have a very strong understanding of these processes. A clear understanding that only understanding will respect these processes will allow them to flexibly and rationally use these processes in the face of various changes. Xiong Weiming, general manager of the final application of the technical system supporting team requirements, said that the application of supporting engineers to actively go to the market, feel the market, discover the market, understand the market line of reflection. At the same time, it is pointed out that the process planning is very important, and the technicians must recognize the responsibilities on the shoulders. They must constantly optimize the processes of Shangchai’s existing products and continue to do the work of the new projects.

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