Chongqing Kaixian strengthens the prevention of agricultural machinery in summer

In order to fully promote the development of agricultural machinery safety work, prevent the occurrence of serious agricultural machinery accidents, and effectively guarantee the safety of agricultural machinery in summer, the Kaixian Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station of Chongqing City closely follows the characteristics and laws of the agricultural machinery that may occur in the summer. Measures to ensure the safety of agricultural machinery in summer.

Kaixian Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station has invested a certain amount of funds, printed more than 10,000 copies of agricultural machinery safety propaganda materials, captured various documents such as issuing documents, holding conferences, broadcasting videos, tabulations, slogans, etc., and extensively carried out safety propaganda and education. Create a strong atmosphere of farm machinery safety.

Kaixian Agricultural Machinery Supervision Station organized comrades of agricultural service centers and security supervision offices of townships, townships and sub-districts, and conducted guidance on the establishment of security accounts, the establishment of safety records, the investigation of hidden dangers, publicity and education, and illegal handling. Overseeing, the various jurisdictions successively conducted extensive publicity and network-type inspections of agricultural machinery service organizations, agricultural machinery specialized households, tractor combine harvesters and their driving operators. Since June, a total of 586 violations of various types of agricultural machinery have been investigated and corrected. Up to now, there has not been a single major agricultural accident in Kai County.

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