The government should pay attention to fuel economy instead of developing a new energy vehicle technology route

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has repeatedly postponed the release of new energy vehicle development plans. Last month, Premier Wen Jiabao wrote an article stating that the domestic new energy automobile industry has experienced disorderly development, lack of core technologies and unclear technical routes.

It can be imagined that the departments such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology are still making every effort to formulate plans for the development of new energy vehicles as soon as possible.

In fact, such troubles and pains are not necessary. The problem of determining the technical route of new energy vehicles should not be taken care of and handled by government departments. What the government should do is to set the fuel economy goal of the car. As for what kind of technology is used to achieve this goal, it should be chosen by the companies themselves.

There are two reasons for this.

First, which of the many new energy automotive technologies, such as hybrids, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles, are the most promising ones? This is actually a world-class problem. There are no definitive answers so far. This is why many international automakers like GM and Daimler have not dared to abandon these technologies in R&D.

Second, under the circumstances where the prospect of new energy technologies is not clear, it is unwise and risky to bet big on one of these technologies.

In June last year, the central government chose five cities to conduct pilot projects, providing subsidies of up to 50,000 yuan and 60,000 yuan each to companies that sell plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles to private companies. On this basis, the above five cities have promised additional subsidies.

As a result, many domestic auto makers have invested in the development of these two types of new energy vehicles in spite of the lack of their own technology and the lack of related infrastructure. In the end, huge investments did not receive corresponding returns.

So far, the number of plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles sold domestically by private automakers has been very small, and some of the automakers that claim sales have sold the vehicles to state-owned companies and institutions such as local power companies. These state-owned enterprises and institutions are then handed over to their employees for use.

The technology of new energy vehicles is complex and the development cost is high. These technologies are superior and inferior. International manufacturers and engineers are not yet clear. Government officials are more difficult to grasp. It is naturally awkward to require government departments to determine the technological route for enterprises.

But then again, in the face of energy short-term and environmental pollution, government departments have the responsibility to urge companies to develop energy-saving products such as new energy vehicles.

Then how should the government perform this duty? In fact, it is not difficult for the government department to set and continuously improve the fuel economy standards of automobiles. Then, depending on the market conditions, the company decides which technology route to use to develop green and energy-saving products.

Only in this way can the government's defamation and commanding be avoided, and companies can make rational decisions and avoid huge waste of resources and funds.

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