Beijing Mercedes-Benz sales rights have been "takeover"

Yesterday, some media received an anonymous message saying that the sales of Beijing Benz and Mercedes-Benz China had already been consolidated on August 1. All sales functions of Beijing Benz will be taken over by Mercedes-Benz China. In response, Beijing Benz, Mercedes-Benz China and Beijing Auto all said yesterday that there has been no new progress in the integration of sales channels. The integration of Mercedes-Benz's two sales channels in China has been a long-standing problem. The separate management of the two channels has resulted in a chaotic price war for Mercedes-Benz products in China.

Anonymous SMS mentioned: "After the integration of Beijing Benz sales market, the German manager Mr. Daheng, who is currently responsible for Beijing Benz sales plan, will report directly to Mercedes-Benz China executive vice president Hao Bo on behalf of the Beijing Benz sales team; Beijing Benz is responsible for market advertising. Li Hongpeng will report to Ma Jingbo, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz China."

For the reasons for such integration, SMS said that a major factor is the lack of sales of domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles in the first half of this year, only 26% of target sales. If this statement is true, Beijing Benz will completely lose its right to sell and become a complete manufacturing factory.

Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Beijing's Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz China's public relations departments said that there has been no new progress in the integration of the two sales departments and rumors are unfounded. An insider of BAIC stated that there is no definite information for this rumor.

One of the parties mentioned in the message, Beijing Hong Li Peng, who is in charge of marketing work for Beijing Benz, is still working in Beijing. He said, “At present, the integration of the two parties is under negotiation and there has been no progress.”

Beijing Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz China are responsible for sales of domestic Mercedes-Benz vehicles and imported Mercedes-Benz vehicles respectively. The inconsistency of channels and sales policies has led to problems such as chaotic price management. It has become a huge stumbling block for Mercedes-Benz's development in China. For example, last year's imported E-Class vehicles drastically reduced prices, which seriously affected the sales of Beijing-Benz E-Class domestically produced cars. In addition, the integration of the two channels will inevitably touch the interest of Mercedes-Benz's largest distributor, Li Xingxing, which is also one of the obstacles to integration.

On July 27, Beijing Automotive Group and Daimler Northeast Asia issued a joint statement, which made an official statement on the integration of Mercedes-Benz sales in China for the first time, and stated that it will achieve the unity of sales and marketing of Beijing Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz China. deploy.

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