Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Successfully Produced a Whole Feeding Combine

According to reports, this combine harvester is based on advanced technologies at home and abroad, based on the summarization of a variety of harvester manufacturing R & D experience, combined with user needs, developed by Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd. independently. It is a new type of grain combine harvester with a variety of new and high technologies. It adopts full hydraulic drive, convenient operation, high speed, high efficiency, simple maintenance and other advantages and better cost performance. At the same time, it also has a distinctive feature, that is, The harvesting interface of other crops was left, and the harvest of wheat, rice, rape, and other crops could be achieved through the replacement of special parts. It could be used in one machine and was very adaptable to modern farmers' operating needs, and the market prospect was broad.

In order to meet the needs of China's agricultural structural adjustment, Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has been vigorously developing new products such as multi-functional grain combine harvesters and other new products with its own R&D strength and equipment manufacturing advantages while vigorously developing wheeled tractor products in recent years. Entering the field of harvesting machinery to realize the product development strategy of “one main and two wings” (one main refers to the tractor, two wings refer to the implements and transmission parts, respectively), and builds the development pattern of large agricultural machinery.

In 2009, the company developed a new generation of half-feeding combine harvester - often tractors LBZ-150/150A series harvesters, and they were welcomed by customers in Jilin, Anhui and other places on the market, and have now entered the mass production stage. At the end of last year, it also issued the task of developing a full-feeding combine harvester. Drawing design was completed in March this year, followed by trial production of the product. Assembly debugging of two prototypes was completed on May 26 and field wheat was conducted on the same day and on the 27th. Harvesting operations during the test, the harvester cut, send, take off, walk and other devices are operating normally, the effect is good. On the 28th, two prototypes went to Nanling and Minjiang in Anhui Province for product performance appraisal and testing. After passing the test performance evaluation of the harvester, the machine is expected to pass the product appraisal at the end of this year and realize a small batch of trial production.

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