Machine Tool Industry Selected as a Strategic Emerging Industry

Machine Tool Industry Selected as a Strategic Emerging Industry The Twelfth Five-Year Plan will particularly regard the machine tool industry as one of the strategic emerging industries, which will receive government support and promote independent innovation. Under the overall economic planning of the national macro-control, the machine tool market will grow by 14.2% to 389 billion yuan in 2013. This strong growth momentum will consolidate China's current status as the world's largest machine tool consumer and producer.

High-end equipment manufacturing has been included in strategic emerging industries and will focus on nurturing development in the future. Olle MachineNet analysts said that advanced machine tool manufacturing is an important part of high-end equipment manufacturing, so the industry can receive subsidies from the central and local governments for research and development. Selling high-end machine tools can also benefit from tariff policies, which will increase sales of local products.

The major markets for machine tools in China are industrial machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, primary metal products and electrical and electronic equipment. Among them, as industrial machinery is widely used in various industrial fields, it becomes the largest market for machine tools. Due to the explosive development of the Chinese automobile industry, the manufacturing of transportation equipment has been the second largest market for machine tools in the past 10 years.

Metal cutting machine tools are the largest product category, and their size is three times that of metal forming machines. In 2013, the growth rate of demand for China's machine tool accessories market will reach 16.1%, faster than metal cutting machine tools and forming machine tools.

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