Jiyuan Zhiyuan Synergy Endeavor China Lubricants Heavy Brand Development in 2012

Since the launch of China Lubricant in 2012, the visibility of the market has increased rapidly and distribution networks have been established in nearly 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Beijing Zhongrun Huayou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has undergone a strategic reorganization and has integrated and utilized the most influential and leading quality resources in the lubricant industry, from product development, raw material supply, manufacturing, marketing, to the network. Channels, warehousing and logistics use high-efficiency, intensive operation strategies and digital and network management methods to create the most influential, affinity and sustainable development national brands in the Chinese lubricants market.

At the end of 2012 when the market was changing, Mr. Tian Chengmin, Director of China Lubricants, accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter and shared his contributions and achievements to the “Chinese Lubricants” year.

Gather outstanding team Improve service capabilities

Talking about the development of China Lubricating Oil Brand in 2012, Tian first mentioned that Mr. Yao Qi, Chairman and Sales Director of China Lubricants, led the first year of China Lubricants, led the sales team to fight ahead, and obtained numerous achievements in brand development. The great work. Prof. Tian proudly stated that behind the success of General Yao, it is inseparable from high-quality and stable lubricant products and a fast and timely supply chain team. “This is the role of our China Lubricants Operation Department. In 2012, we did In the absence of defective products throughout the year, 99% of the goods were issued within 48 hours, which is a praise for China Lubricants to win customers in the market, and contributed to our rising brand Rising Star.”

Human resources are the core of all the development of the company. The excellent talent team is also the company's wealth and the fundamental driving force for the company's continued rapid development. The development of China Lubricants in 2012 is further dependent on the excellent operating team. “At the beginning of the brand establishment, I built my own operational talent team with the old division I trained at the same time as the director of the Lubricant Wuxi Branch.” Tian said that apart from having many years of practical experience, this The team also received a variety of systematic training. “We have established an ISO9000 quality management system and strictly followed the system documentation to ensure product quality.”

"With years of rich sales experience, we have achieved customer demand-oriented, fast and flexible to meet customer needs, not rash, won the praise of customers." Tian believes that this serious and careful service attitude, in the new The library officials, quality inspectors, team leaders and even all front-line workers are constantly passing on, enabling China Lubricants to establish a positive and strong team. “Thank you very much for the cooperation and support of my team in this year's work, especially thanks to Guo Jianping who is responsible for packing materials and packaging workshops, Lei Leilei who is responsible for raw materials warehouses and reconciliation, and Zheng Bin, who is responsible for finished product storage and transportation, responsible for the laboratory. Li Yunlei, who works, thank them for delivering the positive energy of 'China'.

Time and place to build a national brand

China Lubricants has manufacturing plants in Beijing, Shandong and other places. The company's headquarters and R&D institutes are located in Beijing. On March 12, 2012, before China Lubricants went into production, Tian and his team completed the upgrading of plant equipment. At present, China Lubricants Factory has advanced product development, testing, reconciliation and filling equipment, and has the technical basis for producing various types of high-end lubricants for a number of national key projects. The annual production capacity of various lubricants and ancillary products Up to 200,000 tons, base oil reserves of 30,000 tons. “I am familiar with the three factories that have unified lubricants. I once led the construction of its Wuxi branch. I also visited Shell Tianjin Plant and Meifu Taicang Plant. Through summing up and summing up many years of experience, I ensured that the China Lubricants Beijing plant's production efficiency was guaranteed. With high quality and strong quality assurance capabilities, the factory's off-site logistics channels are scientific and reasonable.” Tian Zong’s own channel, “If workers want to do good things, they must first sharpen their tools. The design of the factory has been recognized by the Chinese team. Thanks to Comrade Liu Runyi, who once worked with the factory design process."

The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the supplier's “to force” support. In the lubricant industry, the support of high-quality base oil and additive manufacturers is an important boost to the development of the company. At present, Rishi, Formosa Plastics, SK, GS and other international high-quality base oil manufacturers are China's strategic partners. LUBRIZO, INFINEUM, CHEVRON, Afton ( AFTON) and other well-known international additive manufacturers also integrated their newly developed high-tech raw materials and technical formulas into Chinese products. Tian said that in 2012, the suppliers' expectations for China always encouraged the growth of the “Zhonghua” brand. “I am responsible for the procurement of base oils and additives, and also responsible for the technical formulation of Chinese lubricants. Lubrizol, Afton Chemical, Infineum, Chevron, and other major additive companies and their agents strongly supported not only their daily supply but also technical services and oil inspections. The international laboratory helped me validate the formula and ensured the intrinsic quality of China Lubricants."


In the procurement of base oils, China Lubricants has received strong support from various suppliers of base oil, and has often been invited to participate in the gathering of Beijing Lubricants, sharing news with counterparts and sharing advanced technologies and experiences. “Co-workers of Beijing Lubricants Circle initially formed the Beijing Lubricants Association with a united and friendly atmosphere under the coordination of Wang Liang, General Manager of Asia-Pacific Trucking.” When referring to these gatherings, Tian always feels gratified. “In 2012, In this cold market year, it is the love of the Beijing counterparts that makes China Lubricants' sufficient capital, good credit for settlement, and only purchase high quality and good raw materials. These reputations have spread widely in the supplier circles. ”

This year's strict winter weather, the low-temperature performance of Chinese lubricants has been widely recognized in the markets of 25 distributors in the three eastern provinces of Harbin, Hailar and Jiamusi. In the mountainous regions such as Fujian, Jiangxi, and Hunan, Chinese lubricants are more stable. Oil pressure gives dealers and sales representatives more confidence.

“This year, we are worth paying for.” Tian always said with excitement that in the lubricant industry for more than a decade, from 2004 as a production manager, to a few years before the responsibility of Dongfeng Automobile oil products Communicating with engineers from Shell and Meifu, they have the opportunity to learn from the experts in the oil room of the Dongfeng Motor Technology Institute. Through their constant efforts and their accumulated efforts, they have achieved this success. “A decade of swords and swords, today I have the opportunity to develop my capabilities on the platform of China Lubricants, and at the same time provide excellent products for the Chinese lubricants market. Together with our team, we create a brand of China Lubricants, which is also my 2012. Wonderful lubrication year!"

Head Pulley

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