Canadian company to produce new energy car battery for Dongfeng

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. that the new energy technology center of the company signed an agreement with Canadian power battery manufacturer Electrovaya, which will design, develop and produce two electric vehicles for Dongfeng Group's second-half-year production in the second half of the year. Lithium battery system.

"This is only the cooperation between Electrovaya and our new energy vehicle platform technology center on a single project, and it has not yet risen to the group or company level." The relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Group's shares stressed that at present, it is only the cooperation in the project development phase. There are no clear plans for the time being, but also national policies, etc."

According to industry insiders, batteries generally account for 25%-40% of the total cost of an electric vehicle, so batteries are important to the development of new energy vehicles. A vice president of Zotye New Energy Automobile Company stated that most of the batteries of domestic new energy vehicles are currently outsourced. "One reason is that the cost of R&D and input is too high, and the second is that technology is easily replaced. For example, the United States A123 company, as Lithium battery benchmarks, hundreds of millions of dollars were purchased by Wanxiang."

Even so, people in the industry believe that this cooperation is a good attempt, "at least starting to force the key components of new energy vehicles."

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