High-power small-displacement Jianghuai Xing Rui 1.9CTI leading diesel power

The short-axis market is dominated by Jianghuai Xingrui's all-out force on the European multi-functional commercial vehicle market. The high-grade "sharp weapon" of the new 4 Series short axis debuts at the Guangzhou Auto Show. With its many advantages, the Xingrui 4 Series has attracted countless eyeballs. Among the most talked about media and viewers is its pioneering 1.9CTI engine , which has led to the commercialization of diesel power for commercial vehicles in China. Displacement trends.

In addition to carrying a large-volume, small-emission engine to create an industry first, Jianghuai Xingrui has greatly surpassed similar products in the manufacturing system, market development and other aspects, and the starry Rui 4 Series is the full strength of Jianghuai Xingrui brand. As a result of the integration of the domain into products, the launch of the Starry 4 Series short axis at the beginning of 2013 is bound to become a major event for the market and the industry.

1.9T leads high power small displacement trend

The 140-horsepower 1.9-CTI diesel engine on the Xingrui 4 Series led the trend of high-power and small-displacement power of commercial vehicles. This engine is an independent innovation and development of Jianghuai Auto (600418) on the basis of digesting and absorbing European advanced technology, and has a brand-new power (310328, fund) with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is worth mentioning that this engine adopts the European advanced VNT variable nozzle boosting technology and Bosch's third-generation high pressure common rail direct injection system, which has won the title of "China's Top Ten Engines". In addition, from the end of September at the Hanover Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany, small-displacement diesel engines are the mainstream power platform for the current European VAN. The 1.9CTI diesel engine on the 4 Series can be said to be the pioneer in the green efficient driving of China's commercial vehicles, and also makes the Xingrui 4 Series, which is a combination of 1.9CTI and 2.8T dual-power design, be the first in the industry.

The key to leading the industry lies in the fact that 1.9 CTI diesel power has high power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and low noise with a small displacement of 1.9 liters. Compared with similar products in the market, through the application of new technologies, new materials, and new technologies, this engine brings a new energy-saving experience to the market and users with “Emission Reduction Uninterrupted Power”: in the case of 10% fuel saving. The maximum power of up to 102kW, the maximum torque up to 285Nm, and the full load minimum fuel consumption rate of 210g/kW.h. In addition, at the level of emission reduction, the use of high-efficiency particulate oxidation catalysts reduced particulate emissions by 70%. It can be said that 1.9CTI diesel power leads the domestic trend of commercial vehicle diesel power environmental protection and high efficiency, and is also a strong evidence of the concept of the Xingrui 4 Series piloting energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

Achieve a number of leading market worth the wait

Equipped with a technology-leading engine is bound to lead the new trend of commercial vehicle power, and the astride of the Xingrui 4 Series in the manufacturing system and other aspects has created the outstanding quality of its world-class commercial vehicle brands. Specifically, on the one hand, the 4 Series took the lead in applying the body laser welding technology, which is still not widely used in most joint venture car brands, and solved the problems of the traditional spot welding technology, while also bringing a safer and more reliable body. On the other hand, the advanced production equipment of Jianghuai Automotive's domestic first-class commercial vehicle manufacturing base has provided the possibility for the excellent quality of the 4 Series. With the quality control system of the "National Quality Award", careful monitoring and quality inspection are carried out at the source to ensure the quality of the leading industry in the 4 Series. It can be said that Jianghuai Xingrui’s advantage in manufacturing systems that spans joint venture brands has gradually emerged in the 4 Series.

In addition to product concepts and manufacturing systems, Jianghuai Xingrui has also made breakthroughs in markets and services. It can be seen that the comprehensive strength of the Xingrui 4 Series is an important achievement for Jianghuai Xingrui. For example, in the international market, Jianghuai Xingrui, which is making rapid progress, has led the industry both in terms of export volume and export market coverage. The beautiful market report card is also the best proof of the quality of the 4 Series internationalization. In addition, the 80,000-kilometer-long vehicle and the 250,000-kilometer-long engine that exceeds the industry-standard warranty promises for two years and the rich distribution of sedan-grade cars have always been Jiangfu Xin-rui’s “killers” that insist on maximizing the interests of users. 4 Series users will also be satisfied with Jianghuai Xingrui’s value care.

The market is looking forward to good products. As an all-around fighter that integrates Jiangi Huai Xingrui's brand strength, the market prospects of the 4 Series short axis are worthy of appreciation.

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