Teach you 6 strokes to save your car money and save 30%

According to the calculation of some owners, the total cost of a car's maintenance and repair can almost take up 45% of the car's price. With a 150,000 car, the total cost of the car's life cycle can be more than 67,000! To be honest, the cost is really big. But no way, vehicle maintenance must be done again.

In fact, some maintenance costs can actually be saved. After all, everyone is a working class and saves all of them. Let's share some experiences for use today. PS: Local tyrants or buses should be ignored automatically.

1, the provincial labor costs all 4S shop maintenance and repair fees are working hours + accessories fees, labor hours that is labor costs. Now a key indicator for manufacturers to evaluate 4S stores is the owner's appointment. 4S stores generally attract owners to make advance bookings by sending gifts and working hours discounts. Everyone should make use of the scheduled maintenance service.

2, how to save the province?

The original parts of the 4S shop are generally not exported and can only be bought in the store. So to 4S shop selected accessories, which cheaper to choose which. After all, the 4S shop came out and you can find them if you have problems. However, the roadside repair shop would not dare to secure the ticket.

Another point to note is that according to the manufacturer's instructions, choose the right one for yourself. For example, motor oil, high-end synthetic motor oil recommended by 4S shop belongs to high-profit parts. If you choose it, it will definitely save more money.

3, more calls to check the price before each vehicle maintenance, it is best to call the 4S shop beforehand to check the offer, ask a few more, to see which is cheap, which has a promotion, this everyone to spend some time, to stay That's it.

4. Focus on the activities of 4S stores The after-sales department of a 4S shop will generally choose a time period for promotion + gifting + discount, such as the end of each month or the end of each quarter. There are seasonal vehicles for free testing, maintenance and promotion activities. If everyone catches up, it will definitely save more money than usual.

Many loyal 4S shops and repair shops will perform regular maintenance on loyal users. This will save the owner a lot of money, to some extent.

5, to buy accessories in the 4S shop There are many experienced owners can be opportunistic in the maintenance, the specific operation method: After the maintenance, from the 4S shop to buy the next time the maintenance of the accessories, and then find their own repair shop master, can save A lot of man hours are spent. Then someone will ask, 4S shop does not take away accessories ah, teach you a move, you say you want to go out driving tour, the destination is not 4S shop, back and forth high maintenance mileage, the general 4S shop will be sold.

6, and the relationship between maintenance master Lala Many car owners and 4S shop repair masters are familiar, the so-called familiar face, they can give the owner to give the car the most professional guidance, as to say how much money can save, you have to analyze the specific circumstances of the specific . This is a long-term process. It takes a lot of time and emotional costs, and it is also slow and requires patience.

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