A group of "Lao Lai" exposed NVC lighting before the boss

The Huizhou Intermediate Court yesterday notified the implementation of the case last year. It is worth noting that the number of labor dispute enforcement cases has risen sharply, involving more than 52 million yuan. At the same time, a list of old Lai is announced, including Wu Changjiang, the former boss of NVC Lighting. The Huizhou Intermediate People's Court introduced in the briefing that the key execution cases are labor disputes and other cases involving people's livelihood. Since 2015, the Huizhou two-tier court has received a total of 14,567 new execution cases and imposed 13,937 cases, up 44.09% and 44.42% respectively. Among them, 1,139 labor dispute cases were executed, involving a target amount of more than 52 million yuan. According to the Huizhou Intermediate Court, as of now, the Huizhou two-level court has published 4,033 untrustworthy enforcers online. On the website of the Huizhou Intermediate Court, some well-known business owners such as Wu Changjiang, the former boss of NVC Lighting, who failed to perform the judgment of the court, were announced. According to the implementation information of Huizhou Intermediate People's Court, Wu Changjiang owed tens of millions of shares to the stock transfer, and has not paid. The executive judge said that only a few million dollars were deducted. In addition, in addition to public information, the court also restricted 66 people from leaving the country, fined and detained 141 people, and pursued criminal responsibility for 8 malicious detainees. The Huizhou Intermediate Court stated that since November last year, the two-level courts in Huizhou have been organized to carry out the hard-earning activities, focusing on retrieving labor-related cases such as labor remuneration, alimony, pensions, and work-related injury compensation.

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