Regulatory "cold knowledge" Did you know?

Automobiles are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. However, although owners have passed their driving licenses, it is not clear that some of the “cold knowledge” of the rules for driving on the road have been assessed, and there will be fines for misconduct. Let's make Xiaobian introduce some rules and regulations for “cold knowledge”. If there are any owners, change them. If not, add them.


1. A penalty of 50 yuan from the roadside for more than 30 centimeters

Many car owners are expected to know that the road is a tire killer tires, because the tire wall is the most vulnerable place, parking is too close, a little inattentive will lead to tire bulging. Therefore, the owners always keep a certain distance from the side when parking. Because there are no strict standards for distance, roadside parking will not be uneven, not only affecting the appearance but also affecting the smoothness of the road. In view of these circumstances, parking norms are made in some cities in China. Vehicles that are more than 30 centimeters from the edge of the road on the right side of the road are considered illegal parking and will be fined 50 yuan.

2. Penalty is also levied for parking accidents caused by illegal parking

Parking violations are not just a matter of penalties that can be solved in hundreds of cases. If a parking accident leads to a traffic accident, then it is the responsibility of the operator. If you are injured or killed as a result of an accident, you may still be punished by law. Therefore, even if you cannot find a parking space while parking, do not stop at random. Otherwise, you will lose out.


3, the green light will also have to go without going

Some car owners are worried that the yellow light is being punished, so when the green light has not flashed, it will be stopped early and wait for the next green light to turn on. This situation is also subject to punishment, according to the traffic regulations 'not in accordance with traffic lights instructions,' will be punished 200 yuan deducted 6 points. If the green light does not leave for 3 seconds, it may be punished.

4, "green lights" also have to be punished

Everyone has heard that the red light is fine, and the “green light” also needs to be punished. Xiaobian was the first time I heard about it. What is the situation? That is, when the vehicle knows that the traffic ahead cannot proceed, it continues to enter the intersection under the condition of green light, causing congestion in other directions. In similar situations, they will all be fined 100 yuan and 2 points. Of course, some areas have different penalties.

Summary: Have you ever committed these "cold knowledge" rules? If any, correct it in time, or you will lose out when you get penalties.

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