· In the first 10 months of Beijing, 7717 illegal vehicles were fined 3.299 million

The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau disclosed that from January to October 2016, the municipal environmental protection department of Beijing Municipality had filed 7809 violations of mobile source environmental violations and the penalty amount was 6.57 million yuan. Among them, the city inspected a total of 9.838 million vehicles in use, investigated 7717 illegal vehicles, a total of 3.299 million yuan of punishment; 5114 times of inspections and inspections in the city, on-site supervision of vehicle detection of 352,000 vehicles, punishment of 6 illegal inspection sites, fine 4 10,000 yuan; the city inspection and storage of 27,600 seat storage and transportation facilities, 86 investigations of oil and gas oil violations, a fine of 3.231 million yuan, severely cracked down on mobile pollution sources.

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