Cautions when using chemical protective clothing

Use caution
(1) Fire chemical protective clothing must not be in direct contact with flames and melts.
(2) The clothing must be carefully inspected for damage before use. If it is damaged, use is strictly prohibited.
(3) When used, care must be taken to ensure that the mask of the hood and the mask fit tightly. The buckle of the neck and the buckle must be fastened to ensure the neck and airtightness. The belt must be tightened to reduce the "bellows effect" during exercise.
(4) After each use, wash with soapy water or 0.5-1% aqueous sodium carbonate solution according to the dirty condition. Rinse with clean water, place in a cool, well-ventilated place and dry it.
(5) When folding, cover the ground with the opening of the hood. Return the hood, neck buckle and two sleeves, and then fold the garment vertically and fold it side by side. The two boots point outwards, place the glove in the middle, roll the bottom of the shoe and roll it horizontally and put it into the chemical protection clothing bag horizontally. Inside.
(6) Fire protection chemical protective clothing is strictly prohibited from being exposed to heat and sunlight during storage, and it must not be exposed to reactive chemical substances and various oils.
(7) The product has a shelf life of five years under the conditions of storage subject to the standards.

Heat Curing Oven

Heat Curing oven is suitable for Pu paint curing, rubber paint curing.

1: This Oven is normal temperature oven: it is forbidden to bake inflammable and explosive/volatile and corrosive materials.

2:Items placed the oven should not be too crowded, so that the cold and hot air convection from blocking, to maintain uniform temperature

3:The oven cannot exceed the highest temperature when using, do not change the parameter in the thermostat

4:Top of the oven has air inlet/out of port, not plug, and the environment requires the best aspirant exhaust duct to outdoor.

5:Oven please don't install in damp places, please do not directly wash with water.

6:Oven in the high temperature operation, must wear good protective device, to prevent burns!

7:In time to cut off the power supply after baking, to ensure safety.

8 : Non-professional workers do not operate and repair the machine.

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