Cable and cable knowledge

1. What types of commonly used wires and cables are divided by purpose?
Answer: According to purpose, it can be divided into bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wire, shielded wire, power cable, control cable, communication cable, and radio frequency cable.
2. What are the types of insulated wires?
Answer: The common insulated wires are the following: PVC insulated wire, PVC insulated cord, Ding PVC mixture insulated cord, rubber insulated wire, agricultural buried aluminum core plastic insulated wire, rubber insulation Cotton textile cords, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, PVC insulated cords for power and lighting, etc.
3 , cable bridge for what kind of occasion?
Answer: Cable trays are suitable for general laying of power cables and control cables for indoor and outdoor use by industrial and mining companies. They can also be used for indoor and outdoor installations in telecommunications, broadcasting and television departments.
4 What are the cable accessories?
Answer: The commonly used electrical accessories include cable terminal junction boxes, cable intermediate junction boxes, connecting pipes and terminals, steel wiring slots, and cable trays.
5 , what is the cable middle connector?
Answer: The device that connects the cable with the cable conductor, insulation shield and protective layer to connect the cable circuit is called the cable intermediate connector.
The cable model consists of eight parts:
First, use code - not labeled as power cable, K as control cable, P as signal cable;
Second, the insulation code -Z oil-impregnated paper, X rubber, V PVC, YJ cross-linked polyethylene
Third, the conductor material code - not labeled as copper, L is aluminum;
IV. Inner sheath code - Q lead package, L aluminum package, H rubber sheath, V PVC sheath
V. Derived code -D does not drip, P dry insulation;
Sixth, outer sheath code
Seventh, special product code - TH humid tropical, TA dry tropical;
Eight, rated voltage - unit KV
Problems with the cable model
1. SYV: solid polyethylene insulated RF coaxial cable
2. SYWV(Y): Physical Foam Polyethylene Insulated Cable System Cables, Video (RF) Coaxial Cables (SYV, SYWV, SYFV) Suitable for Closed Circuit Monitoring and Cable TV Engineering
SYWV (Y), SYKV Cable TV, Broadband Network Specialized Cable Structure: (Coaxial Cable) Single Oxygen-Free Round Copper Wire + Physical Foamed Polyethylene (Insulation) + (Tin Wire + Aluminum) + Polyvinyl Chloride (Polyethylene) )
3, signal control cable (RVV sheathed wire, RVVP shielded wire) is suitable for building intercom, burglar alarm, fire protection, automatic meter reading and other projects RVVP: copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable voltage 300V/ 300V 2-24 core uses: instruments, meters, intercom, monitoring, control installation
4. RG: Physically foamed polyethylene insulated access network cable is used to transmit data analog signals in a coaxial fiber hybrid network (hfc)
5, KVVP: PVC sheathed shielded cable uses: electrical, instrumentation, distribution equipment signal transmission, control, measurement
6, RVV (227iec52/53) PVC insulated flexible cable uses: household appliances, small power tools, instruments and power lighting
7. ARVV PVC sheathed flexible cable
8. SBVV HYA data communication cable (indoor and outdoor) for connection of telephone communication and radio equipment and distribution box wiring for telephone distribution network
9, RV, RVP PVC insulated cable
10, RVS, RVB Suitable for household appliances, small electric tools, instruments, instruments and power lighting connection cables
11, BV, BVR PVC insulated cable uses: suitable for electrical instrumentation and power lighting fixed wiring
12, RIB speaker cable (fever line)
13. Use of KVV PVC insulated control cables: Signal transmission, control, measurement of electrical appliances, meters, and power distribution devices
14, SFTB twisted pair transmission telephone, data and information network
15, UL2464 computer cable
16, VGR monitor line
17. SYV Coaxial Cable Wireless Communication, Broadcasting, Surveillance System Engineering and Related Electronic Equipment Transmission RF Signals (Including Synthetic Coaxial Cables)
18, SDFVAP, SDFVAAP, SYFPY coaxial cable, elevator
19, JVPV, JVPVP, JVVP copper core PVC insulated and sheathed copper wire braided electronic computer control cable

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