XF Series Box Shaped Dryer

XF Series Box Shaped Dryer

1. Box Shaped Fluidized Dryer made by all stainless steel

2. Box Shaped Fluidized Dryer is Pellet Fluid Bed Dryer

3. Box Shaped Fluidized Dryer is XF Series Fluid Bed Drier and Pellet Hot Air Drier

Pellet Drying Machine Principle

The Granulate Dryer is heated by means of steam or electric power, and also heated with hot air directly from fuel-& coal-burning Hot Air Furnace.

Pellet Drying Machine Application

Fluidized Drying Machine is also called fluidization bed. Through continuously improvement over 30 years, fluidizing dryer has widely applied in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemicals, foodstuff, processing grain etc. For example, the dehumidification and drying of powder and granular materials such as bulk pharmaceuticals, granular patent medicines, preparations, feed, plastic resin etc. The granular diameter shall be within the range from 0.1 to 6mm and the best from 0.5 to 3mm.

The main technical parameter datum of fluidizing dryer is for reference. We also produce and design product as per customers' requirement.


Type Capacity(water kg/h) Dimensions(mm) fan power(kw) Inlet temp (ºC) material temp (ºC) steam(kg/h) electrical(kw)
XF-20 20-25 2600X800X2800 7.5 60-140 40-80 100 60
XF-30 30-45 2600X1000X2800 15 60-140 40-80 200 120
XF-50 50-80 5000X1200X3300 22 60-140 40-80 400 240
XF-80 120-150 6000X1200X3600 45 60-140 40-80 600 360
XF-150 160-200 6000X1200X4200 55 60-140 40-80 800 480

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Granulating and Coating machine main function that use to make the power into granules and coating . one set machine can reach the two function of granulating and coating .this granulator and coater main use for the instant dissolution food and medicine granules. The loading and unloading are quick, light and clean, meet the requirements of GMP.

Granulator and Coater

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